09-24-07 - 1

We went to the Bike Film Fest on Sat; meh it was fun because the crowd was nuts rowdy, but the films were pretty poor. The best films were already available on Youtube, such as the awesome stuff by the SF track bike trick squad MACAFRAMA crew . There was nothing by good directors getting interviews with interesting people like there had been in the past. The movie "Pedal" which is from 2000 is still miles ahead of anything else.

The one really exceptional film was "Ski Boys" by the Zenga brothers. It's so cool and perfect that I thought it might be faked, but apparently it is real home movie footage that the boys shot themselves in the 70's. I guess the Zengas have a web site and do various fun things. The film really captures the feeling of youthfulness, the open country, experimenting and just the joy of movement.

I just got some secret information - the film isn't really from the 70's, it's recent, and that whole story is part of the playful disruptive philosophy of the Winking Circle . Wow, these guys are so inspiring, it's the way I wish I was. I love their manifesto on Eccentrification . The problem for me is that this stuff really isn't fun without a partner in crime. I mean yeah it's fun in the abstract, but really you're doing it for your mates.

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