09-21-07 - 3

I got a Trader Joe's employee to spill the beans on the new "German" eponymous beers (the Hofbrau Bock and Bohemian Lager) - they are in fact Gordon Biersh. It's pretty obvious if you look at the clues, and I had seen that guess at beeradvocate. The clues are : they're brewed in San Jose, and they have the exact same barley graphic design on the bottle cap. The bock in particular is superb, and perhaps the best beer value in America in terms of taste/price.

They also have a new unfiltered olive oil which I'll be sampling this week, the "First Lady" ; results : hmm, it's pretty nasty but I prefer the California unfiltered in the tall skiny bottle. The California unfiltered has a really strong grassy taste which I just love in a raw olive oil. BTW never ever never cook with this stuff, it's just for drizzling on canteloupe and figs.

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