09-21-07 - 2

I'm still riding the same bike I had in high school, I think I got it when I was 13, and I'm 30, so it's 17 years old. I've done lots of tiny fixes on it, stuff like brake pads, bar tape, tubes and tires, a cable, but I've never once replaced any of the major components. I guess the biggest thing I ever did on it was overhaul the headset, but I only put new bearings in, which cost like $5. Anyway, my point is 1. that bikes will last for EVER if you just treat them half decently (eg. don't leave in the rain to rust), and 2. all that stuff you're supposed to do yearly as preventive maintenance is a load of hooey. If I haven't had one problem in 17 years, the amount of problem-reduction from a big yearly overhaul must be microscopic. It's clearly not worth the work, better to save the energy for when you have a problem and then make a repair. (supposedly you're supposed to overhaul or check the bearings yearly, grease all kinds of bits that I never dig into, even out the spoke tensions, etc. etc.) Actually for an average shlub I imagine they're more likely to screw something up in a yearly overhaul than they are to help anything.

I wonder if the same goes for cars, and that whole 30k mile "tune up" is a similar load of hooey.

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