09-19-07 - 2

Made some lamb last night and kind of fucked up. For one thing, I did the old quick sear. That works fine, but I should know that the sear and finish low and slow is so much better, I should've done that. Secondly, I did the old deglaze and make a wine reduction pan sauce thing. That was fine, but lamb really has enough of its own great flavor you don't need to be adding any other sauce. Also the lamb fat is so tasty that it's a shame to waste it (you pour most of it off to deglaze). Next time I'll do the low-slow-finish thing, and I'll also just use the pan full of lamb fat to cook some spinach or chard or something and make a bed under the chops. The low slow finish method also makes timing a lot easier cuz you can just do the meat sear first and then worry about your sides while it finishes, it's not all going nuts at the same time, which stresses me out and makes me realize I'm definitely not cut out for pro cooking.

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