09-19-07 - 1

Noe St. between Duboce and Market is one of the secret gems of SF, it's a gorgeous walk, locally maintained. Right nearby you have two of the best sit-outside cafes in the city, Duboce Park Cafe and Cafe Flore. You can also walk up to the hill by the Randall Museum which is a relatively easy climb for San Francisco and has an amazing view. For some fun you can cross right over to the Castro and hit the Seward St. Slide (or the Moby Dick if you prefer).

There's a huge amount of great budget dining in the Tenderloin now. Of course you have very strong Vietnamese, the standouts being Saigon Sandwich, Pagolac, and Bodega Bistro. But you also have two of the best Thai places in the city - Thai House Express and Sai Jai. You also have fantastic Indian (Sultan) and Pakistani (Lahore Karahi).

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