09-18-07 - 6

I've written about this before, but there's a huge retardation in having cities and states with these hard boundaries and drastically different laws. Part of the problem is the local tax situation. For a long time in America there's been this pattern that you have some city with lots of people in it. The city has to have pretty high taxes to support all the infrastructure, health care, education, etc. All around the city are sparsely populated suburbs with very little tax burden. Big company X moves in, and the suburb offers them tax breaks, of course they locate there. But what do they get? Workers from the city who come out using the city's public transit, educated by the city's schools, healed by the city's clinics, and yet company X pays taxes to shitty little suburb. This is a seriously broken ass fucked up situation in which company X is basically getting a huge government subsidy in the form of reduced taxes in the suburb, and free services for all its employees from the city, and of course the roads & highways to support all those commuters.

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