09-18-07 - 3

Some food network show said "hard cheeses generally have more calories than soft cheeses, because the soft cheese has more water in it". Okay, that's sort of true, but also retarded. For example :

1 Oz parmesan = 111 calories from 7.3 g fat and 10.2 g protein

1 Oz brie = 95 calories from 7.9 g fat and 5.9 g protein

And obviously "cream cheese" is like the worst thing by far. What's really at issue here is whether it's made from milk or cream.

I've been trying to sort of "diet". My diet is I can eat absolutely as much as I want, I'm just not allowed to eat anything that's horribly bad for you (eg. no chocolate, no pie, nothing that's pure fat or sugar basically). It's surprisingly hard. When I have that craving for dessert no amount of balsamic-fig-crostini with prosciutto or whatever I come up with is going to satisfy it.

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