09-17-07 - 2

The fridge thing reminds me of another wives' tale which I recently got egg on my face over. There's this old wives' tale that the crust of bread is healthier than the inside. Of course that's nonsense, right? Crust is not some different material that's wrapped around bread - it's the exact same dough, it's just more browned! Saying it's healthier is preposterous, and in fact it might be worse for you because it's browned and anything browned is slightly carcinogenic.

Well, it turns out that the crust might actually be better for you. Supposedly the Maillard reaction which browns the crust also creates this antioxidant pronyl-lysine . This seems to be an isolated study so who knows what the truth is, but the next time somebody says "the crust is the healthiest part" , don't just say "you're retarded" , cuz they might trot out this study to make you look bad.

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