09-12-07 - 2

I want to buy some better underwear (I love the feel of just really good quality cotton down there), so I'm browsing around trying to find something, and I check out the Calvin Klein Underwear page. ACK! Ok, I'm a hetero man, just ignore the huge muscley guy with a giant cock trying to pop out of the underwear. Ok, let's check out another style of briefs, WATTA!! YARP! No, I can't look at this. Close close close. Who are they selling to? Not normal guys, maybe girlfriends buying presents, gays, and closet gays. Among other things I can't really get any idea how it's going to fit on me based on how it fits these guys. I mean yeah I get it you want to use fit guys and all but this is ridiculous. I guess I'll buy some American Apparel cuz I can browse without getting confroused.

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