09-09-07 - 1

US Governments, roughly since LBJ, have been letting this country completely go to shit. The only major capitol outlays have been tax cuts for businesses and the super rich, and military spending. In the mean time we are letting our social institutions completely rot, while the rest of the world is leaping past us. We still have zero telecom infrastructure; we have no fast network, no national shared open network that could foster competition and innovation; our public transit is woeful compared to other 1st world countries; we have no significant investment in renewable power; our health care or the poor keeps getting relatively worse and worse. Recently Katrina and the Minnesota bridge collapse have brought some attention to the sorry state of our national infrastructure and civil engineering. In fact back in 2003 the national association of civil engineers published a report on the decrepit state of our systems and outlined a planned for $600 billion in "critical" projects, a total of $2 trillion of "urgent" projects. Those are only the visible failures, countless others are simply risks we aren't prepared for that might never actually happen. Less visible are the budget cuts to libraries, parks, after-school programs, and just about every single facet of what government is supposed to do for people.

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