09-07-07 - 2

A few days ago I learned one of those little nuggets that surprise me; little things I somehow didn't know and just randomly pick up late in life; I always wonder if everybody else knows these things and somehow I just missed it. Anyway, it's this :

Bicycle pumps are GREAT for car tires! They work perfectly fine, for some reason I thought it would be really hard to pump, but of course it's not, it's very easy because car tires are super low pressure compared to bikes. You do have to pump many times to make a big difference in PSI simply because car tires have a lot more air in them, but it's really not that bad, you just pump it pump it. Anyway, the thing that's really great about them is the pressure gauges on bike pumps are very accurate, and they respond in real time, so it's way way better for making corrections to your pressure. In fact it's better just as a way to measure your pressure since those little stick things you put on the car tire to measure pressure are so rotten. The next time you are leaving for a trip and want to make sure your car tires are in good shape - do it at home with your bike pump, don't go to the gas station and do it with the compressor (this also has the big advantage of giving you a true cold pressure; even a short drive to the gas station can give you a very bad hot reading).

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