09-06-07 - 2

There's this guy who lives on my street; he's obviously some kind of dot-com bum sort of like me, he doesn't seem to work. For the last year I've seen him walk past my window to get coffee or whatever alone. Suddenly in the last month he's become a huge player, every single day I see him walk past with a different hot girl. So far as I can tell he doesn't have any friends really or do anything, so my guess is all these girls come from the internet. We've never said a word other than "hi" when we pass outside, but I'm really curious what he's doing, if it's Yelp, or Craigslist or where all these hot one-day stands are coming from.

I've always been scared of casual sex. There's this problem that the more likely a girl is to hook up with you, the more likely she is to have hooked up with everyone before, and thus be a biohazard. My fear is rather unfounded, however, since the dirty little truth is that sex is very safe for guys. It's far far worse to be a girl; guys can have sex with infected girls and have less than a 1% chance of catching something even from someone who is definitely infectuous. The government and the Christian groups really don't want this getting out so semi-false statistics are trotted out instead which greatly exaggerate the risk to a man in normal heterosexual intercourse.

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