09-05-07 - 1

Girls don't seem to understand the huge value of staying thin 100% of the time. If you ever EVER allow yourself to get fat even briefly, you can ruin your skin for the rest of your life, with folds that make you look fat even when you're not, or stretch marks, cellulite, and other nasty leftovers from that brief fat period that no amount of exercise can get rid of. Yes yes, it's no fair and so on, but you know the way it is, so is eating that one more piece of chocolate really worth wrecking your body for the rest of your life?

DJ's in general are so retarded. I would say 90%+ of the time it would be better just to have WinAmp playing a song sequence and doing automated beat-matched cross fades between the songs. All you really want is decent songs on beat that transition and keep the flow going. Human DJ's almost always try to do too much and wind up just totally fucking up the flow by injecting huge interludes with no beat, or interludes of awful noise, or trying to crossfade things that don't work, etc. etc. Perhaps 9% of the human DJ's actually do as well as just an automated crossfader, and only like 1% actually are an improvement over the trivial auto-dj.

A few random funnies from burning man : we found one DJ who was like just the epitome of the stereotype of the bad douche DJ. He was waving around in the booth, point at the crowd, making silly faces, doing "raise the roof moves", then he'd put on the head phones and do some horrible time changes and abrupt stops, it was so funny. We ran into a couple who were obviously competition ballroom dancers; that was actually really cool to see; they were in stereotypical burner outfits and trying to sort of hip hop dance but obviously had the ballroom moves, and every so often would move together perfectly, she was tall and lanky and like a marionette in his hands. We ran into another couple of asian dancers that were like on different time lines; the girl was doing these very slow sexy moves, and the guy was all over her wrapped around her but moving at like 100 miles an hour shaking this way and that, jumping over here and there jerking his body around, she was almost like a pole for him to dance on.

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