09-03-07 - 1

The instant we got back from BM I fell deathly ill. I guess staying up for 20 hours for several days in a row, doing drugs, eating very little, and sharing water bottles with strangers might be a bad combination. It's funny how your body can hold off the sickness as long as you're pushing it, and then as soon as you get to a point where you can relax it just gives in. That used to happen all the time at work - we'd do some big crunch, then crunch some more, then as soon as you get a break your body finally gives in and lets the germs win.

BM was pretty crazy fun. It was the worst dust storms ever in the history of the event, which was sort of not fun, but also kind of exciting. I got all the fun of doing lots of rope rigging to try to secure our tent. Lots of people's tents got completely destroyed, those metal collapsing poles were getting snapped right in half. People who had rigged up tarps and parachutes were having them ripped off.

It's my third time, so there's definitely no longer quite that same "wow" novelty factor for me, but it's still just a hell of a party, with some of the coolest art in the world. I fucking hate art you just sit quietly and look at. I love this shit because so much of it is interactive, the artists do performances integrated with their pieces, you can climb around on them, bike around them, and just the setting of having this great metal sculpture set out on the huge playa under a huge open sky is just like the best setting ever. I love just biking out into the dead side of the playa in the middle of the night where there's noone around and it's this crazy huge empty flat open space with the shadows of the hulking mountains all around, and the clear star filled sky above. And even if you're not into anything else, it's just the best dance party in the world. I've never been to Ibiza, I guess that's the only thing that comes even close, but the sound systems at BM are unreal, with awesome graphics shows, all the world's best DJ's, and the amazing warm nights and sand to dance in outdoors, it's just a billion times better than any club in every way. Not only that but the crowd is totally cool and fun.

My biggest problem is that I feel like I'm getting old and I just can't party hard a bunch of days in a row. I hate the RV people, I feel like it's cheating, that part of the true experience is the discomfort, but I might have to consider RV'ing next time. I might have to pace myself a bit more too, take it a little easier.

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