08-29-07 - 1

We're leaving for Burning Man early tomorrow. It's interesting to me that in San Francisco these days it's definitely not hip to go to Burning Man, and in fact it's quite hip to hate on it. I mean, I guess I can understand it in that when something becomes too popular it's not cool to be a part of it any more, and instead you show your "individuality" by saying how lame it is. It's weird that one of the standard complaints from the haters is that it's no longer true to its origins. WTF do you care, you never went and you never will go, but you're hating on it because it's commercialized? It's also just so inoffensive, it's not like it's right in the city, and in fact it does the city a great favor by emptying the place out. Lots of bars have "celebrate the lamers are gone" nights the weekend of Burning Man, which I think is good for them, they can have their own little party. It's really weird that so many of the haters actively seek out expression of their hate. On the various internet message boards I frequent, whenever someone starts a thread on Burning Man, half of the posts are from haters who never went posting about how lame it is. That's so bizarre to me. I mean, I think Jimmy Buffet concerts are totally retarded, but I don't go to Parrot Head message boards and post about it.

I guess it's sort of similar to the hate for "Hippies" which has become sort of a trendy group to hate. I'm not talking about the old WW2 vets hating on hippies, it's a relatively new thing, people in the 15-30 age group often profess their hate of "stupid dirty hippies"; sometimes they're being ironic, but it's pretty hard to tell and the irony is definitely tinged with truth. You can see it in South Park and Family Guy, which these kids generally love, hippies are one of the most reviled stereotypes on those shows, and they're generally lumped together with new agers and political-correctos. It's sort of like a slice of the Andrew Dice Clay canon has been mainstreamed. The mockery generally centers on the idea that they're "wasting their life" , that they're broke, that they're dirty/smelly/hairy, that hippie guys are wimps, that their dream of peace & love from the 60's failed, that the communes failed, that many of the modern hippies are trust-fund kiddies, things like that. Ok, I sort of get all that, but I still just don't really understand the hating. I mean, hippies are so inoffensive and marginalized, they don't get in people's faces and prosletize at all, in fact if it weren't for the making fun of them they would be completely invisible in pop culture.

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