08-27-07 - 1

Went for a long bike ride out of Pescadero and bit off more than I could chew. It was like 55 miles with some good hard climbs and it destroyed me. I hit the wall about 40 miles in where I just couldn't go any more, and then you have that depressing realization that you have to make the final 15 miles and you just want to fall off your bike and cry. It's now like 4 hours later and my chest still hurts really bad, I'm guessing I tore some capilaries in my lungs or something.

Anyway, the town of Pescadero is just amazing, so cute and picturesque, and it's got all these shops that are semi-touristy, but unlike every other small town store in the whole of America, these shops actually have really good stuff! Artisan breads, locally made goat cheese, real fresh chicken eggs, and some great restaurants. I'm not telling what's in the gas the station either, it's a secret that some other damn fools have spilled. There's also this super nice ranch out on Stage Road with this amazing iron skeleton armed with a machine gun.

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