08-24-07 - 1

Today I cleaned all day long. I found mold in the apartment, and for someone with my allergies, that's a death sentence. So I mixed up a home made concoction of bleach and detergent, sprayed it, scrubbed it, moved everything out of the room, vaccuumed, dusted, washed it all down, dried it, then aired it out. While airing it out I couldn't be in the room, what with the mold spores and the bleach fumes, so I cleaned the hall and the outside of the building, which the bastard apartment company never does. I finished it up by patching some holes in the bathroom and finding some more mold under the sink.

When 5 PM rolled around and my work was done, I felt a very ordinary sensation which I rarely feel - the desire to drink and go out. I was tired, I was bored, I hadn't had any stimulation all day, and I actually wanted to see people and do things. After one of my normal work days of programming or poker, my brain is fried, I'm overstimulated, mentally exhausted, and I just want to eat and zone out and watch TV or something not too energetic.

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