08-20-07 - 3

I just found "the" Adam Savage on Ask MetaFilter (link to his posts) ; some pretty good stuff in there.

BTW Mythbusters is such a retarded non-scientific travesty and the "build team" is so worthless and so many of the Myths they do are just nonsense and not interesting, and they almost never actually investigate a Myth that there's any question about - BUT I still watch it, and I think it's just because I'm so dang jealous of those guys. Jaime in particular is my idol. Adam reminds me so much of checker it's scary some times. The show would be 1000X better if they actually got an expert on each of the topics to consult and the guys just did the build and test. 99.99% of the topics they investigate have guys who are masters of the topic and could do really cool things, stuff like catapults, the ultralight planes, etc. etc. it would be so much cooler to actually see what could be done.

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