08-19-07 - 1

Since my laptop RAM fried I upgraded to 2 GB, and I'm now running with no paging file, and my performance is SO SO much better. Before, I would almost never use my 1 GB of RAM, but Windows has such a retarded paging policy, where they force idle applications out to disk to make room for "system cache" which is a giant waste of RAM that doesn't generally help performance much at all. So, your performance is fine, and then you try to alt-tab to some app that's been paged and suddenly you grind while it has to load back in. Two of the biggest dogs are two of the the things I use regularly : DevStudio and Photoshop, both of which want to take all your available memory, so if you're alternating working in them your disk will be going nuts with lots of stalling. Well, with no paging file all that grinding is gone. I can switch apps at any time and it's instant, just like the good old days before stupid virtual memory ever came along.

ps. LOL Photoshop complains when you start up with no virtual mem, saying it's "dangerous". I'll tell you what's dangerous : writing retardedly slow image editing software which pre-allocates its memory for no god damn reason in hell.

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