08-17-07 - 1

I made a bike map on bikely of a ride I made up in the back country around Half Moon Bay. It's a shitty little tourist town, but the back country there is just gorgeous. There's so much contrast, you go from oak-dotted grassy hills (like SLO), turn a corner and get into a valley and you're in lush bay laurels and such, and climb a tiny bit up the valley and you're in redwoods.

There are lots of cool weird sites on the ride. One of the best is the Little Creek Ranch on the Lobitos Cut-Off. It used to be a tourist site with a pettting zoo and pony rides, but it's fallen into disrepair and is now this bizarre southern gothic Dickensian old west relic. It's a gorgeous old farm house, definitely the old madame of all the charming little old ranch and farm houses in the area.

This guy Kirby has the best biking page ever, tons of pictures, detailed maps, and great write ups; his section on Tuscany is amazing but he also has an old favorite of mine - Santa Rosa Creek Road near SLO. Which is perhaps the coolest country road of all near SLO, though there are lots of good candidates.

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