07-30-07 - 1

Went for a bike ride around Palo Alto and passed the Pulgas Water Temple which is a cool bizarro old public works monument to the aqueduct that brings water to SF from Hetch Hetchy. (Hetch Hetchy is a great valley in the Sierra Nevada near Yosemite which was supposedly just gorgeous until it was dammed and flooded to provide a drinking water supply). It's such a surreal random thing. Supposedly its sister, the Sunol Water Temple is way more amazing.

Turns out the cycling straight out of Stanford is like the best around; there are lots of routes and the roads are smooth and the traffic is tolerable. If your legs can make it up to Skyline then there's a world of options but I'm not in good enough shape yet to anything more than hit Skyline and collapse and coast back down.

I remember when I worked at HP I would drive up Page Mill to go hiking and mountain biking in the open spaces all around there. I would see road bikers on Page Mill and I thought they were just stupid/insane = nuts. That road is crazy steep and narrow and pretty high traffic, cars go flying around the turns in both directions and there's like no shoulder. Now I can almost relate to them. Sure would be nice if the road surfaces were better though.

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