07-23-07 - 1

The villification of Barry Bonds is totally retarded, and is largely the creation of the media and Major League Baseball. Barry has always happilly played the villain character that was his role, and he continues to be the scapegoat now. His role is to accept all the blame and hate for the whole steroid era, to provide a sacrificial lamb for the public to focus their anger upon, and then to forget everyone else that was involved. The people who are the real villains here are Bud Selig and all the owners and managers and everyone else involved in MLB. Back when McGwire and Sosa were battling for the single season home run record, it was incredibly obvious to anyone with half a brain that they were huge juicers (along with Canseco, Giambi, Palmeiro, and pretty much every slugger in the 90's and 2000's). MLB did nothing, because it was great for popularity, at a time when baseball was at an all-time low in popularity following the strike and the surge in popularity of the NFL. Before the "home run kings" ballparks were empty and baseball was in big trouble. They saved the game and made the organizations rich and the owners and executives all gladly turned a blind eye.

The Michael Vick thing really makes me sick. Not what he did - but the reaction. The stupid American public cares more if you hurt some dogs than if you drive drunk, rape a woman, murder someone, or all the other things that athletes have done in the past that didn't raise that big of a stir. Hurting people, meh, everyone does that, hurting dogs, ZOMG WHAT A MONSTER!

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