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A little poker update/brag. I've been moving up in the poker world. I've been at the 200NL games for a while, but started trying the 400 and 600 games last week, and am now taking shots at the 1000NL ($10 blind) games. They're much tougher and more aggressive and you have to make good reads and aggressive plays all the time. At the moment I'm mostly just trying to play pretty safe, target only bad players and stay out of pots with the goods players, because $1000 is a lot to me and I don't really want to get in a lot of high-variance insanity. I've been doing really well so far despite some insane big bad beats and some really bad spew plays by me. I'm gonna try to stay focused and concentrate on the game and put in the hours. Unfortunately my body is just wrecked right now and spending a lot of time on the computer is incredibly painful for me.

Anyway this is one of the more interesting pots I've played that illustrates the kind of stuff that's going on. Villain is a decent aggressive TAG. I open a lot of pots and cbet and he's sick of it. I mess around here because there are very few real hands that he would make this play with. Good aces like AK he will reraise preflop, same for AA and JJ. AJo he might not even call with cuz he's out of position, or he might reraise it. So about the only hand he can have is 55, but I have a 5 so there's only one possible way to make bottom set. I'm guessing his hand is something like 88 or perhaps 67 or something. Of course in the really aggressive games I can't make this play cuz he might check-shove the turn with air and I couldn't call. The fact that I have a pair is also nice just in case he has something like a flush draw, that way if he calls the turn I can check down the river and win.

No Limit Hold'em Ring Game (6 max) , 4 players
Blinds : $5/$10


UTG: fish: $389
BTN (Hero): cbloom: $1077.50
SB: TAG1: $3631.95
BB: TAG2: $1463.25

Pre-flop: (4 players) Hero is on the Button with 5h 6d
fish folds, Hero raises to $35, TAG1 folds, TAG2 calls.

Flop: Jd As 5d ($75, 2 players)
TAG2 checks, Hero bets $56, TAG2 raises to $175, Hero calls ($119).

Turn: 8c ($425, 2 players)
TAG2 checks, Hero bets $333, TAG2 folds.

Results: (final pot $425)
Hero wins $423 (+$213)

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