07-12-07 - 1

Seeing the President's or Vice President's interviews reminds me of these political arguments I would have with people in high school, where at some point somebody just starts completely lying and making up false information, or perhaps really believing some nonsense that they were told, and you just have to stop the argument because you can't have a rational argument when people are taking falsehoods as part of their foundation. The sort of curious thing is that in public politics you can totally get away with it. Basically nobody calls you out, or if they do it's back page material, while your lies are quoted on the front page and on the TV news which is what really matters. I guess there's no crime for the Pres or the VP or others to go to the press and just lie their asses off. They're not in court so it's not perjury, it's not about someone so it's not libel or slander or whatever, it's just lying and it works really well as a political strategy.

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