07-02-07 - 1

Not one presidential candidate out of about 20 has the guts to propose a real solution to the Iraq problem. For all the talk of Bush being "independent" and "strong" and so on, he didn't either. Now that we're in this mess a real solution means putting in 500,000 troops for at least 4 years, using the draft if necessary. How about putting more troops in Afghanistan? How about securing Palestine and Lebanon? How about clearing the tribal areas of Pakistan? Not one candidate is actually "tough on terrorism". It may seem obvious that the major candidates aren't going to take unpopular positions like this, but usually in an election there are some fringe candidates like your Pat Buchanan types that will take the more extreme positions and this time we have not one.

On the other side at least you have Gravel, who is clearly a nutcase but he seems to be the only one (other than maybe Ron Paul) injecting some sanity into the debate on Iraq - over and over he asserts that it was a mistake from the beginning to get into Iraq which no one else admits.

BTW it looks at the moment that the Dems have a cake walk to the Presidency. Aside from Bush driving towards ever lower popularity, the Republican frontrunners are just all awful.

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