06-30-07 - 1

The respectable Judge John Roberts has shown his true colors, and it is no surprise to the wise that he just bald-facedly lied at his confirmation. The whole idea of the confirmation hearing is rather ridiculous since there is absolutely no requirement that they tell the truth or answer in detail, and no forces holding them to their words. Roberts claimed (much like GW Bush did) that he wanted to be "uniter" to stick with precedent, to form concensus and work for the middle ground. Instead his court has rapidly struck blow after 5-4 partison blow on the majority of cases before them.

The most depressing thing to me is that they are striking down protections which were enacted in earlier era when the government was actually forced to do some reasonable things. In the period of 1900-1910 the government and its capitalist cronies had created a nearly feudal society where the poor were just treated horribly and had little influence or hope to improve. The result was close to a revolution; huge nationwide strikes that often turned violent, huge popularity of the Socialist and Communist parties, etc. The government finally got worried and decided to make a few small compromises in order to keep the people pacified and get their beloved capitalism back under control. The result was some of the anti-trust legislation, as well as various social protections.

Over and over in American History you can see a pattern of the laws being created to favor the rich, and big business. We are most definitely in one of those phases again, where taxes have been massively cut for the rich (so that many of the rich pay far far lower a percent than the very poor), and the rights of corporations over individuals continue to grow. The only time it snaps back is when the people get so disgusted and mistreated that they rise up in protest and stop the system from working. The idea that voting for the liberal party accomplishes anything is only an illusion, the only time we make significant progress is when a mass groundswell of direct action forces the power structure to make some concessions - and then they make just enough so that the people get lazy and fall back into the system.

At the moment we are in a horrific period of popular inactivity, which has allowed the powers to run rampant and do absolutely what they will.

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