06-19-07 - 1

Watched "Barry Lyndon" with Dan last night. About 2 hours into it I realized I'd seen it before, hehe. The cinematography is gorgeous, but the acting and casting is just atrocius. The lead guy Ryan O'Neal seems to be the friend character "Buddy" from "Charles In Charge", and it generally feels like it's from the 70's even though it's a period piece. Kubrick also generally misunderstands the lead character and turns him into almost a noble/tragic anti-hero rather than the charming scoundrel he should be. All the clever devices from the novel are removed and we're left with a plodding trite story which is little more than a structure for Kubrick to hang his beautiful pictures on.

"Kitchen Stories" was pretty good; I mean it's totally predictable from the first minute, but it's not supposed to be a surprise, it's simple, sweet, charming, archetypical, but like so many recent Brittish movies it can sort of get away with doing a very old fashioned heart warming slice of life because it doesn't try to doll it up with movie stars and tear-jerking scores and all that Hollywood junk that makes the American versions of these movies so cheezy.

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