06-15-07 - 1

I think a big undiscussed factor in the whole islamic militant problem is the lack of booze. People think of booze as causing problems but really it's a huge passifier. Booze + TV keep all the American poor from taking any action. Think of the trouble that might've been in Ireland if not for booze. In the Islamic countries they aren't killing their fervor with booze, so they keep their anger and get agitated and bored and turn it into action.

Sometimes I wonder what I might have done had I not ever touched a drop of booze. (I was "straight edge" in high school which I now look on as a mistake, I thought booze & drugs were for the weak, a cop-out, a way to avoid life and thinking, which is of course exactly what they are, but I could've had a lot more fun in my youth). Anyway, what would've happened to me without booze? Maybe would've worked on string theory and solved some major scientific problems. Perhaps, unlikely. Maybe would've started a company and done a bunch of software and become a millionaire? Yeah, that's possible. Started a home-based internet porn company? Yeah. But most likely I would've gone insane and committed suicide.

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