06-06-07 - 1

I saw a bike get stolen yesterday and I didn't do anything about it and I'm really mad at myself. I always like to think that I would take action in those scenarios, and I think I would, but the problem is I get easily startled and it takes me a while to realize what's going on. Dan and I went to chinatown to eat congee at Hing Lung and get some char siu bao (pork bun). On the way back we were in the Muni station waiting for the train, and this hobo guy rushes up behind us with a bike as a train is arriving and yells "excuse me excuse me", we were chatting and sort of jumped and got out of the way and he went past, and I noticed he had a nice bike he was wheeling with no front wheel. I was out of sorts and just got out of the way, but as he got on the train I put it together - he obviously stole the bike; the fool who owned it obviously locked the front wheel and the homeless guy detached it. In my dreams of myself I would've grabbed the guy and stopped him, taken the bike away. But I didn't because I'm slow to react, easily confused, and a coward. Everyone else in the Muni failed to act as well, but I expect that from them, they're the human scum that surrounds me constantly, of course they wouldn't do something good that inconvencied themselves, they're garbage. Maybe I am too.

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