06-03-07 - 1

So this research program autostitch is pretty cool. I posted about it before; it does some of the things you should obviously do, like gain compensation, automatic warping to match features, etc. When it works it really works awesomely well, but sometimes it just totally freaks out and creates these bizarro fisheye distorted images where it seems to be trying to wrap features around a torus or something. So, I still haven't found an actually good photostitcher yet.

An ideal photostitcher would be semi-interactive. You would tell it to automatch and it would set up warping and blend lines and gain compensation and show you what it came up with, then you could play around with the controls until it was perfect, then you tell it to go.

Addendum from Graham : Well, it turns out AutoPano Pro does exactly what I want and more. It's a really well designed piece of software and just kicks Pano butt. I've run the trial on a few of my old panos that failed to stitch with anything else, and you can do a tiny bit of tweaking and they stitch up awesomely and gain-correct and all that. It has a ton more features I haven't used yet including automatic HDR combining which is pretty rad and handly if you're doing that.

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