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The entire modern world is an elaborate scheme to funnel money to the rich while keeping the rabble down. It works marvelously. Our rabble is placcid compared to those of the past, the serfs, the factory workers of the early 20th century, they took up arms against their oppressors (usually to little end). These days we are given the myth of "upward mobility" to keep people placcid, we are given the illusion of choices in politics or politicians who "support the little guy", we are given constant distractions of worries and fears which are trivial and irrelevant to get people to worry about anything but the reality of society. But you know this and you don't care because you're mostly on the winning side. This is why whites didn't speak out against slavery, etc. the reality is when faced with a horribly immoral unequal social structure, as long as you're comfy and prospering, you love it, and will make up all sorts of rationalizations to convince yourself that the suffering really don't have it that bad.

"Globalization" in theory is not a bad thing. The problem is that "globalization" in reality in our world is a way for multinational corporations to screw the citizens of the world by putting various parts of their business in different countries that are more favorable to the corporations (and less favorable to human beings), basically playing the variations in the laws of various countries to their own benefit. So you can employ people in countries where you don't have to provide them a decent standard of living, you can grow crops and package food in countries without health inspectors (which add a ton of costs). The mouthpieces of the establishment talk about globalization as if it's this war of ideas between closed markets and pure capitalism, blah blah blah, that has very little connection to the real world and the massive complex of differing taxes, worker regulation, tarrifs, subsidies, etc. which create an absolute cornucopia of ways for corporations to manipulate the system.

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