05-16-07 - 3

The bad thing about ever limping is it defines your hand. It defines your range as stuff like small pairs, suited connectors, not AK, not big pairs. Defining your range isn't bad against morons but it's very bad against good players. If you're going to always raise with {AK,JJ+} preflop then you need to always raise with *everything*. Alternatively you could sometimes limp the big hands, but that's such a negative thing that it's better to just always raise or reraise. Part of the issue is that the big hands are so critical in hold'em. {AK,JJ+} are about 4% of holes but are about 90% of your EV. Everyone loves the small pairs and suited connectors and so on, but the truth is they are only barely profitable and their main benefit is in Shania for your big hands. In some ways you can think of NLHE as a game of waiting for AA, pretending you have AA, trying to crack your opponents AA, etc.

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