05-16-07 - 1

How can the fucking TiVo software be so fucking ass broken? "Thank God your Here" was just on and I missed it and wanted to at it to the list. Well I can see it in the past in the program schedule but fucking broken ass TiVo won't let me a select a program in the past so that I could ask it to record the rerun. So, I search for it by name in the program list. It's not there. WTF WTF WTF. It makes me almost as mad as the fucking poker site software which is such sitty software and they're just rolling in money. Not to mention pokertracker which is written in like VB or something and literally takes 24 hours to import a bunch of hands that my software does in about 10 minutes. (and my stuff is not at all optimized and really lazy heavy C++ stuff). FRIGGLE FRACKLE.

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