04-25-07 - 1

So I'm playing poker again, 200NL on PokerStars. I'm still a little drained and bored of it, but I need some money and I don't want to work. I can make around $100/hour there and more if I can move up. I'm going to try to really make another run at getting better and moving up. Of course the games are way tougher now than they used to be, but I have some aces up my sleeves ;)

Here's one of my more exciting hands so far, and also a demo of my sexy html hand output :

No Limit Hold'em Ring Game (6 max) , 5 players
Blinds : $1/$2

UTG : $217.05
CO : $255 (Hero)
Button : $200
SB : $201.65
BB : $92.45

Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is CO with Qh Jh
UTG folds, Hero raises to $8, Button raises to $24, SB calls ($23), BB folds, Hero raises to $88, Button folds, SB calls ($64).

Flop: 8s 8d Js ($202, 2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $152, SB calls all-in.

Turn: 5h ($467.65, 2 players)
River: 2d ($467.65, 2 players)
Results: (final pot $467.65)
Hero uncalled bet of $38.35 returned
Hero wins $465.65 (+$225.65) with Qh Jh (Two Pair)
SB mucks 4d 4h (Two Pair)

Button here is an aggro TAG so he's raising me light a lot. SB is a horrible donk so I'm not worried about his cold-call of a reraise (which would normally be scary) - but I can use him to squeeze preflop and I know Button *is* worried about SB so I can get him out. I was a bit surprised SB called down so light, but that's just a bonus ;)

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