04-07-07 - 1

So, I might get back into poker. Just sort of for laughs & the challenge I've been playing with scraping data from certain poker sites that try to make it difficult to scrape data. LOL. Windows has the retarded "make it difficult" security system where any user-level app can completely access any other user-level app, all they can do is make it sort of difficult. In the end you can always go and grab their virtual memory information and walk their memory and do whatever you want. You can also insert yourself as a DLL and hook their function calls to the OS and easily grab info and change behavior that way. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!! It's pretty fun, I've never done this stuff before and it makes me feel like a real l337 h4x0r. Windows is ridiculously unsafe.

For various reasons I don't want to give away too many details, but I will say that the only really quality information comes from MS themselves, they have a lot of articles on how to write debuggers and API tracers, which is of course also how to write great hacks. All of the script-kiddie web sites are useless so far as I can tell.

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