04-02-07 - 1

I'm reading through "A People's History of the US" and will post some of the interesting things here. It's definitely a left-wing commie manifesto, but pretty interesting so far, worth a read.

He notes "a contract among unequals is usually written as if the parties were equal, but with varying power to enforce the contract". This really struck me as a tool that is constantly used today and is very powerful. The contract looks good, it makes you think you have all these rights, but in reality the powerful player can enforce their side of the contract, and you have little/no power to enforce your side. Most of us peons are in these contracts all the time - with the gas company, with our employer, with our health insurance, with the government. In theory we have all these rights but in practice they can pretty much do anything to us and we have no recourse unless the sin is grevious enough to sue and get a conviction. As long as their careful to only fuck us over in minor ways, they win. For example, they can constantly send us contract revisions that we really have no choice but to accept.

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