03-30-07 - 1

We took a random little trip out to Amador County, which is like near Sacramento on the way to Kirkwood in the Sierra. Tasted some wine from the Shenandoah Valley there (old Zin region). All the wine there is really dry and peppery, I'm not a huge fan. The Renwood Colheita Port was really fantastic, also the Mount Amauk Syrah is from near there, very nice. The best wine we had wasn't from that county - the Navarro Pinot Noir is so rich and flavorfull for a Pinot, but still has the nice light fruitiness of a Pinot, highly recommended. The area is full of old gold rush towns and mines that have been turned into tourist traps, it's a really weird place. There's lots of gorgeous country around there, but not really anywhere too great to bike or hike.

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