03-23-07 - 3

Well, I guess I'm not finishing Baldur's Gate 2. I think the AD&D system becomes really retarded at high levels. Your party becomes so insanely powerful that any kind of normal enemies are trivial (normal = physical attacks & hit points). The only way to make enemies tough is to make them powerful casters, and make them resistant to various of your attacks, so it becomes this whole thing where you have to put up resistances to their attacks, then you cast debuffs to take down their resistances, they take down your resistances, you put them back up, they put theirs back up, you take them down again, it's so annoying. And of course once in a while in there they just disintegrate your main character and you have insta-non-raisable death. Fun fun. Also you have to die a few times to see what all kinds of powers they have so you can memorize exactly the right protections to ward yourself.

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