03-23-07 - 2

Some tricks for allergy suffers and nose cloggies like me :

1. The coffee steam. When you make your coffee or tea in the morning, leave the kettle boiling so tons of steam is coming out. Breathe this in through your nose repeatedly so you get a ton of moisture in your sinuses. Blow it out. This is like a light/easy version of the Neti Pot treatment, a good way to start the day.

2. The pluck. If you want your sinuses to instantly flush - pluck a nose hair. It's surprisingly painful and irritates the hell out of your nose, it'll give you a violent sneezing fit. Good to use after #1 so the mucus is loosened.

3. The breathe-right strip. Athletes use these, but most people don't know they're awesome just every day. When I have one on I feel like I'm breathing pure oxygen, it's unbelievable how much fresh air I'm getting, my head clears, it makes me realize that just about every minute of my life I'm suffering from mild oxygen deprivation which gives me headaches and makes me feel fuzzy.

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