03-19-07 - 1

We went to see this movie "Into Great Silence" which is this like 3 hour long nearly-silent movie documenting the life inside an ascetic monestary. It's meant to be a sort of meditative ordeal to watch it; the film-maker repeats the same bits of text every so often, pauses the action intentionally with even slower scenes, every time you sort of start getting excited by a semi-narrative portion, he cuts it back to just stillness. Even the fact that it's 3 hours is part of the overall experience - at some point you start thinking "oh my god this is never going to end" - and then when you reach peace you just stop thinking about when it will end because the end if so far away. I think it was very masterfully done, and something you can't really experience without being in the dark uncomfortable torture chamber that is a movie theatre.

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