03-18-07 - 3

PBS has somehow turned into pseudo-science infomercial central. There's show after show of these "authority" personalities speaking in these warm tones and constantly smiling and they just spout nonsense. Like if they pause a whole lot and smile and act like they're talking to children we assume that they must be right and we should pay attention. The original master of this is Deepak Chopra, but now we're bombarded with the idiocy of Suze Orman and Andrew Weil and that Morricone face guy and on and on. Most of them have little or no actual qualification to be experts and they generally embrace the health fad of the moment and give you platitudes and panaceas. Anyway, the things that's really disgusting is THIS IS FUCKING PBS!!! It's supposed to be the serious, quality, intellectual programming where we can actually hear some real hard science, some real journalism and investigation. So there are two disturbing possibilities - 1) PBS has become so watered down by the Republican dismantling of their content machine and the push for ratings that it is forced to resort to this crap, or 2) This is what American Intellectuals now consider quality informative programming.

ps. how did "Rick Steves" get to be such a prominent travel writer / TV tour host ? First of all, anyone with two first names is to be hated. Second of all, the man is such an unbelievable American dork - he wears fannie packs in this day & age, and he tries to "join in" with the locals and I don't think he even realizes they're laughing at him not laughing with him.

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