03-18-07 - 1

My parents are pretty well off and not super cheap, but they were always thrifty, and somehow I got a very thrifty gene. Anyway, something that blows my mind and I just find disgusting is all these people who moan and sob about all the horrible debt they're in - but then they don't live cheaply. To me, "living well" is a treat that you earn by having money - it's not a necessity. If you're fucking broke, you live in a shack and you take the bus until you pay off your debt and then you can afford to move up. It seems that my attitude is a depression-era relic that's quite rare in America these days. Most of the people who declare bankruptcy are living in fancy houses, driving new cars - in fact they're buying the new cars after they already have a ton of debt racked up. I mean it's one thing when you have an income stream and are steadily paying off the debt, you don't need to live in total poverty. Anyway, it's the most disgusting when you're going to your friends and family for money. So many people, especially young ones, borrow and scrounge up money, and then they're buying clothes and going out to dinner and going to shows and they consider that just "living" ; no, that's not living, those are all optional expenses. You need to stop for a minute and look at the Chinese immigrant living a few blocks down the street from you - how does he spend his money?

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