03-08-07 - 4

It's really hard to hate things that are beautiful. It's obvious for people, they're beguiling, but my car keeps doing it to me. Bastard car, I want to sell it, parking here is so awful, it's dumb to have a car. But then I see it parked outside with the lines of reflection arcing across its shiny silver surfaces, and I say "oh baby, I'm so sorry, forgive me, take me back, I want you so bad".

It's interesting to me the way SF has all these micro-communities that feel like small towns. NY or any other big city has them too I guess, but NY is so big that each area is like a city. SF the city is actually pretty small, so each neighborhood is more like a small town, where you can get to know all the shop-keeps, not just on your block but in the whole neighborhood. The 'hoods tend to hate each other, and travelling to another 'hood is like taking a day trip, you pack a lunch and wear your travel clothes and you laugh at how different the people are in this strange other town (that's 1 mile from your home).

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