03-05-07 - 1

Followup on my AComdata 509 HDEXXU2FE3 external enclosure : still happy with this thing, though customer service is non existant. I'm annoyed that I can't control it's spin-down timeout at all. The spin-down is a cool feature for a backup type drive that you rarely use, HOWEVER it has a major flaw. When your system goes to sleep the drive has to spin up to make sure it's flushed (dumb), then it spins down again. I have my system sleep after 20 minutes idle, but the damn drive seems to sleep after about 10 minutes, so first I hear the drive spin down, then 10 minutes late I hear it spin up again and then the whole kit spins down. The drive is really quiet except for the spin-up/down which is what is so annoying.

I've also read some weird stuff on drives. In the old days I'd always heard that the spin up/down was the most dangerous time for a drive, that just having it on and spinning wasn't very bad for it. Now recently I've read that the main thing that makes drives fail is just their total spinning time, so spinning up & down all the time will actually make a drive last longer. That's a direct contradiction with the common wisdom that I'd always gone by.

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