03-01-07 - 2

A lot of Republicans seem to think Cheney is very admirable, very smart, with firm convictions and America's best interests at heart. That certainly isn't obvious. He's been the puppet-master to many of this administration's worst decisions - the energy policy which is basically "more money to private industry and no substantive steps to improve our situation" , the attack on Iraq, the depowerment of the CIA, the undermining of Powell & attacks on other major figures who tried to right the ship. What's stranger, publicly he has taken on the role of just an insane booster. His role in news interviews is just to take any event and claim it's actually a good thing that validates the administration policies, and he has no problem completely lying and contradicting himself in doing so. Obviously this is just a performance and he doesn't actually believe the things he's saying in interviews, but it's a very strange public role to take.

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