02-24-07 - 1

Dan got this job that seemed really amazing, and then the reality of working for people set in. Turns out her boss is psycho and totally incompetent as a manager, so Dan was getting passive-aggressive blame shunting all the time and stressing and never knowing exactly what to do. It's all the typical shit you'd imagine, like the boss calls at 10 PM one day and is freaking out, some task is needed that was never assigned and why didn't you do it yet. Dan works late into the night and gets it done. Tomorrow it turns out it wasn't really needed after all.

It all just reminds me of my days as an employee. In my zen state now it just seems ridiculous. The other thing that's painfully familiar is the way nobody wants to hear her ideas. She has great ideas on design, marketting opportunities, etc. she's a new hire full of energy, and they just want to crush that and put her in a role where she does her assignments and doesn't make suggestions. I don't mean to imply it's just management either, it's the people who work those other tasks that don't want to hear about it. It's petty human defensiveness and dismissiveness, not wanting to admit that someone else could have a better idea on your specialty, and assuming that they don't and not having the patience to listen, etc.

There are, of course, tech workers all around me and I hear them talking when I get coffee, when I go to lunch. There are lots of Googlites and others, and their conversations with each other are so mind-numbingly banal and pointless.

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