02-21-07 - 1

I think a lot of the appeal of RPG-like games is that they feel like work. Right now I'm not working and it's very satisfying to play an RPG, you accomplish things, make todo lists, buy nice things for your character, etc. When you're doing those things in real life, you don't really want more busy work and todo lists in your free time, just some stress-free fun. I think that's part of why teenage boys love video games so much - it's a way to have a "responsible life" where you do important things like save the world, rather than your ordinary life which is retarded school and leisure.

I'm playing Baldur's Gate 2 and it's super rad. I think the open-ended Chapter 2 is one of the best segments of a computer RPG ever. They do a really good job of keeping you interested in the overall story, making it open ended, and also giving you enough direction; the city feels big and full of things to do. There are a lot of totally retarded game design flaws, but if you just put up with them it's still a pretty sweet game. You can play it in 1600x1200 and it still looks great. I tried playing some Neverwinter Nights, but ugh that bad 3D is just unbearable. So many people jumped on the 3D bandwagon because they "had to" because that's what "gamers expected/demanded" and they just wound up making a bunch of really disgusting looking games. The old 2D games are pretty much all still sweet, but most of the 3D games from before 2001 or so are just awful. (it's especially retarded when you're just making an isometric game, or when trying to make a photo-real game).

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