02-16-07 - 3

My apartment is slightly above street level; it's on the 1st floor but like most San Francisco buildings you take stairs up to the first floor to add verticality. The Victorian shotgun houses are designed to have long vertical lines, to make you look up to the heavens; the first floor is raised well above the sidewalk, the ceilings are high on each floor, and then they have false fronts that make them look even taller. In contrast the Prairie style has wide horizontal lines that take your eyes out into the country on either side (they only work in open spaces where your eye can fall off the side of the building and meet the long flat horizontal earth). In both cases the desire is to not be square, even though square is the most sensible and efficient house geometry.

Anyway, I have a big window in front that looks out on the street. I sit at my desk and watch people walk by. Because they're looking up, they can only see me from the chest up, so I can be totally naked on the bottom and nobody knows.

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