02-15-07 - 1

If you think about it, pretty much everything that Americans do to make money are things that people don't need. Minor-benefit surgery and pharmaceuticals. Lots of entertainment content in various forms (things like fashion design go here too). Finance management. What people really need is housing & food & basic products. However, people who make housing & food & basic products can't afford to buy those things in America because the prices are skewed by all the rich people making things that nobody needs. If everybody just made the things we actually need, there would be way too much of it and it would be super cheap and noone could buy anything outside the country (like the oil we need to import).

Part of the problem is civilization. If you could just kill someone and take all his wealth, with maybe a 10% chance of getting caught and killed yourself, then imbalances would work themselves out. Any time the imbalance got too big, the poor would just kill some rich. Also the rich would have to hire more people for self defense and hire people to build walls and more energy would be going into the basic necessities of life. One of the reasons man kind spent all its energy on basic subsistence for so long was that so much energy was spend on wars & defense and recovery. In a way, that's a good thing, because it keeps the population down, keeps everyone busy, and prevents it from being too easy to survive.

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