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My mom is over 50 now, and in all those years she has not lost her shock and disgust at the gross stupidity of common man. She's a school teacher, and I recall one time recently when her school's principal sent out a memo that was chock full of spelling and grammar errors, and she was shocked and outraged "I mean for god's sake, the principal should at least be able to compose a sentence in English!". She lives on "Quebec" street, and I recall one time we went to a post office place to mail something and she told her address and they said "spell it please" and she did her sort of double-take "are you kidding me" look and said "like the Canadian province" and the person was just like "spell it please", and my mom rolled her eyes.

This is interesting to me because I lost my shock & disgust at these things when I was like 18 or so. Now I'm not at all surprised when people around me are gob-smackingly stupid. I think her way is borderline insane, but is a much better way to live - keep assuming that people are okay and just constantly be shocked to find out they're not.

One thing I've been noticing recently is that people do completely moronic things even when they're a major part of their everyday life and not something that needs to be taught in school or anything like that.

For example, the Trader Joe's I go to has a two level parking lot. The bottom level is almost always full, or maybe has one or two spots empty, and the top level is almost always near empty. There's always a traffic jam in the bottom with people circling around looking for spots. If these people had an ounce of sense they would just go to the upper level right away, but they seem to be completely without consideration of basic logic in their daily lives. Now, when you do go up to the upper level, the ramp takes you to one side of the lot. The stairs & elevator to get down to the shop is on the opposite side of the lot. If you had any sense, you would park near the stairs/elevator. Instead I usually find the cars bunched up at the side of the lot where the ramp is. This is like 5 cars in a lot for 200 and they all decided to park right next to each other on the wrong side of the lot. Sure sure, maybe a few are first time shoppers who don't know what's up, but the majority are regulars who come every week and still haven't thought about the basics of what they do.

I guess you have even more blatant ones all the time in a business setting. Running a good meeting is a key basic activity in business (and how to do it is trivially obvious) but probably 90% of meetings are run badly.

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